In the years before we used to download TV series and movies from torrent files where it was easy to infect your device with viruses and malware. But today you can easily stream almost all of the popular flicks and shows without any downloads required.

Are there any other risks left?

In fact, a new risk has arisen in the form of malicious pop-up windows. If you aren’t careful enough and click on any button, your PC might fall prey to an angry virus. To protect against such occurrences, avoid clicking on anything inside new windows and close as them as soon as they pop up.

Another problem that many viewers face when trying to watch free TV shows and movies online is the fact that their countries block the platforms where you can find these videos.

In order to regain access to such websites, you need to start using a VPN. It usually costs around $15 and acts as a plugin for your browser. VPNs cloak your activities and the blocks are no more.

Doing these two things will assure your safety when watching movies online.