Putlocker has the highest number of viewership. Having a huge movie collection, Putlocker is one the safest platforms for online movie streaming since they block other parties or sites from accessing.

Fortunately, as a viewer, you may also consider seven other movie streaming alternatives that are presented to users with the same benefits as Putlocker. Putlocker’s contents and features are seen similar in these sites as well.

15+ Alternative Websites to Streaming Platforms (123movies, Putlocker, Hulu…)

So, to this end, we have the following seven alternatives to Putlocker for the year 2019.


Картинки по запросу Hulu

#1: Hulu

Being under the top 5 best movie streaming sites, Hulu is such an amazing platform to watch TV shows and other genres of videos online. Being the trendiest site for movie streaming, Hulu is popular among people for releasing the latest shows earlier than others.

The free movies section from Hulu has genres of shows that can be watched or even possibly downloaded without spending a buck.

Картинки по запросу Popcornflix

#2:  Popcornflix

One of the biggest advantages of having Popcornflix as an alternative to Putlocker is that you are allowed to stream movies, TV shows, or documentaries without spending your money. The site aims to provide users with good quality videos and the fastest downloads possible completely for free.

If you are confused about what to watch, then just by clicking over the bottom sidebar from the right panel, you will be able to narrow your ideas to a single genre and by just clicking over it, you get a bunch of movies to enjoy from Popcornflix.

#3: Watch Online Series

One of the best alternatives to Putlocker is Watch Online Series. This site is your biggest perk if you are an addict for TV shows and cannot resist the temptation for binge-watching. So, opening this site and choosing a TV show lets you watch every single episode without any trouble.

Also, an additional perk of ad-blocking is seen from Watch Online Series. So when you open a TV show, you can start right away and watch it until the end, without any hindrances like pop-ups and advertisements.

Картинки по запросу Rainier Land

#4: Rainier Land

Even though it has a weird name, do not judge Rainier Land’s content and offers. One of the best sites as an alternative to Putlocker, Rainier Land’s movies and other streams are present right away on its homepage as soon as you open it. So, immediately after you open the site, if you observe a good movie, just click over it and you are ready to watch it.

If you are still a person who is very picky or judgmental about movies and other cinematography effects, then navigate to the cinema section from the page and now, you can choose the best one to spend time with from Rainier Land.

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#5: OpenloadFree TV

OpenloadFree TV has been suggested as a premium alternative to the Putlocker movie streaming site as this platform has been given 94% of positive reviews and similarity to Putlocker.

From offering a wide range of movies, TV shows, documentaries with a long list of genres, the site OpenloadFree TV is free to watch anything. You have everything to stream online from the movies of 1998 to the present trends.

Картинки по запросу Mega Share

#6: Mega Share

With having a lot of fanfare, Mega Share stands as an alternative equal to Putlocker. The site has a bunch of movies, TV shows, and other independent films to watch online.

Mega Share is also said to work well on mobile screens. If you have lesser data, that is not an issue because you can change the video’s quality as per your need from Mega Share.

Картинки по запросу Primewire

#7: Primewire

Starting with the con, its only uninviting exterior or web layout is the back point of Primewire. But when you just look beyond its designing structure and browse through the pages, you have a mini world of movies and telecasts with such an amazing list of genres and shows.

Also, all the videos are available in the quality range of low, medium, and high. So, if you have a lesser network connection or data, no worries. You will still be able to watch shows online by modifying the quality of content for your favorite genre from Primewire.