For those of you who like to stream TV shows and movies for free, the question often arises as to whether it’s always illegal to stream videos or not. In many cases, the answer is hard or even impossible to find. As a rule, if a movie is in the public domain, it’s legal to stream it. And if it’s not available public, it can be illegal. But it’s hard to determine for sure.

Even though streaming is a grey zone, some of the countries get too zealous in this regard and block whole platforms where lots of free content is available.

Why to do if your country banned movies sites?

To sidestep this block, you need to start using a VPN which is a piece of software that usually costs around $15 per month and anonymizes our activities online. With it, you’ll be able to access any platforms for TV shows and movies, even those that might have been blocked by your country’s authorities.

When choosing a VPN to purchase, pay close attention to downloading speed and the level of anonymization. Also, lots of outlets market special-purpose VPNs for your streaming chill-outs.