Some users who realize how dangerous Putlocker can be, wonder if it’s possible to stream it legally. It’s a popular question because there is no other platform or streaming app that would deliver such a huge library of content. Let’s learn more about that as well as how to improve your streaming experience.

The legal side of the story

While you know that this platform is an excellent source for movies and series, you don’t often realize that all of them are pirated. You can’t stream pirated videos. By doing it, you are breaking the copyright laws. As a result, you also break the law. It greatly depends on where you reside. If you live in the USA, Germany, the UK, etc., it’s forbidden to stream free movies not only on Putlocker but on other similar platforms.

Yet, you can get around the issue, if you want, and use a VPN. There are many advantages to using the service of the VPN provider outside streaming activities. It enhances security, protects your anonymity, encrypts the data, etc. You can also access sites you couldn’t before due to the limits in your region.

Aside from being not legal, the site can also be a threat to your security. The pop-up ads and banners take you to all sorts of suspicious websites that might infect your PC with malware and viruses. Protect your data by using the top antivirus and ad-blocking extensions.