There’s a lot of free streaming platforms out there but only a few provide access to movies and TV series in the HD format. Primewire is one of such sites.

Why we like it

In order to watch a title in HD, you’ll need to set a free account.

The site features a good set of genres which will help you discover some great movies to watch whenever you feel like a certain blend of movies but don’t have any name on your mind.

The listing page makes it easy to determine whether a movie is in HD or another format, cutting your search for the HD version of a flick. Whenever you hover over a movie thumbnail, you’ll see additional info about the film including a short bio, IMDB rating and years of production and country of origin. This is super-effective for your chase.

After you click through to the movie’s page, you’ll be able to interact with clickable names of the director and actors. In addition, you can click on the names of genres and the country of production.

The videos we sampled played without any issues at a sufficiently high buffering speed, so we can surely recommend this site for anybody looking for free HD movies online.