Today, the debates are raging as to whether streaming movies and TV shows online is legal or not. Some countries get over board and start blocking any free streaming platforms, irrespective of whether those actually violate any laws or not. If you live in one of those countries, you might be wondering as to how you can unblock the free platforms and enjoy movies and TV shows.


In order to unblock, you need to take several actions.

First, find a VPN (a piece of software that cloaks your online activities) that features a good download speed. Without it, you’ll buffer forever.

Second, activate a free trial period for that VPN service and actually test it out on several free streaming platforms. There’s always a risk that the VPN you picked won’t anonymize your traffic sufficiently enough and you’ll still see the streaming sites as blocked.

Third, decide as to whether you like the pricing offered by the company. As a rule, all VPNs oscillate around the $15/month subscription fee.

And that’s how you elegantly veer around any block your country might have placed on free streaming platforms for TV shows and movies.