Today there’s still a lot of debates as to whether using free streaming platforms to watch TV shows and films is legal or not. While some countries have already rolled out bans on such sites, others are still considering such steps. So, if you always use a VPN service preemptively when streaming, you’ll be prepared for whatever the future holds.

How to use a VPN

A VPN is a piece of software you need to purchase (with monthly fees at around $15) and activate whenever you want to cloak your activities on the web.

In this particular case we are talking about streaming TV series and flicks, so whenever shopping for a VPN, you need to make sure that it suits this use case. In particular, any product you pick should deliver a sufficiently high download speed so that you don’t have to wait for the video to buffer forever. Also, your actions should be anonymized correctly because otherwise the authorities in your country will still continue to watch and track your actions online.

With less and less freedom online, using VPNs is a step in the right direction that’ll enable you to regain control over your life online.